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Visionary New Earth Leaders™ is designed for Coaches, Entrepreneurs and Leaders  and awakening individuals who have a vision for a better world and are passionate about healing, entrepreneurship, and have sometimes previously worked in corporate settings. It is meant for those who are ready to fully realize their potential by expanding their awareness, activating their Human Success Blueprint, and embracing New Earth Leadership.

Ep 13: Learn the Trusted Success Trifecta for Visionary Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur with a vision, but feeling unsure about the path to success?


You’re not alone! Many entrepreneurs struggle with this. 

For incredible success, there are three things that you will need. In this episode of Visionary New Earth Leaders, I am sharing the ‘trusted success trifecta’ – an essential combination of the right tools, personal development, and business acumen that all visionary entrepreneurs need to have in their arsenal. 

If you are ready to level up your business, this episode is for you, so make sure to tune in!


Ep 12: Releasing Trauma to Unlock Your Income and Success

Can releasing your trauma unlock your income and success? 

If you’ve been listening to this podcast for a while, you probably already know that I am absolutely obsessed with releasing anything that is blocking your success, whether that is a hidden energy block, a trauma, DNA programming, or anything else. 

I am passionate about releasing and clearing it so that every single person on this planet alive can have success, abundance, and freedom that they really are born to have this lifetime.

In this episode of Visionary New Earth Leaders, I am diving into how releasing your trauma can help you do just that so that you can get all of the success you deserve.


Ep 11: How To Use Your Intuition To Enhance Creativity And Bold Action Taking

Does intuition enhance your creativity? 

In this episode of Visionary New Earth Leaders, we are going to be talking about how your intuition can enhance bold action taking and creativity in your life and business. 

Your intuition is your heightened sense. It comes from your higher self, so your higher self is residing in the higher dimensions, and that connection is what truly matters. 

So in this episode, I’m going to give you some advice on how to start using your intuition to enhance your creativity and then to take action in your business so that you can get to these amazing and successful outcomes that you’re looking for.


Ep 10: Unleash Your Income and Potential with Shadow Work

How would you show up in the world if you truly loved yourself and you were completely unapologetic about who you are? 

Shadow work could be just the thing you need to reach your fullest potential- without the baggage. 

Our shadows hold a potent energy that can influence our thoughts, behaviors, relationships, and our physical well being, and also our abundance and income. 

So, in this episode of Visionary New Earth Leaders, I’m sharing what is truly possible in your life and business when you embrace the power of  shadow work.


Ep 9: Skyrocket Your Income to Multiple 6-figures By Uncovering Hidden Energy Blocks

Ready to skyrocket your income to multiple 6-figures? 

In this episode of Visionary New Earth Leaders, I’m sharing how you can make it happen when you uncover your hidden energy blocks. 

You probably already know that what got you here in your business is not going to get you there. There’s always a new level of understanding and embodiment that is needed to get you to the next stage.

So today we’re going to talk about the five biggest obstacles that are actually in the way of you getting to that next level and reaching the next level of income, impact, and ease that you desire.


Ep 8: How Connected Soul Club Was Birthed

What if you could tap into your spiritual gifts, unlock your potential, and step into your soul’s calling?In this episode of Visionary New Earth Leaders, I’m sharing more about something that is such a huge part of my journey and is in alignment with my spiritual calling and my mission – the Connected Soul Club. 

I’m sharing more about this because you’re also meant to create offers and programs and different ways for clients to join you that are  in alignment with your gifts, your experience, and your calling. It’s all about alignment, and that’s why I created this program.

The Connected Soul Club is super aligned with me, my mission and why I’m here, so I’m thrilled to share more about it with you today.


Ep 7: Discover Lightbody Activations and Unlock Your Fullest Potential

Wondering how you can work with lightbody activations?

This is one of my favorite topics and in this episode of Visionary New Earth Leaders, we are diving into how you can discover lightbody activations and unlock your fullest potential. 

Lightbody activations refer to the process of activating and attuning the subtle energetic bodies that exist beyond our physical form. These energetic bodies are often referred to as the “Lightbody” or “energy body” and are interconnected with our physical body and consciousness.

The Lightbody is a higher vibrational aspect of our being, composed of pure light and energy. It transcends the limitations of time and space and is associated with higher states of awareness, expanded consciousness, and spiritual evolution.


Ep 6: Revealing the Secrets of Your Soul Contract

Wondering what secrets are waiting to be unlocked within your soul contract? 

In this episode of Visionary New Earth Leaders, we are diving into how you can reveal those secrets and get a deep understanding of your soul contract and how it can help you unlock your fullest potential in this lifetime and your spiritual map of life. 

If you don’t already know, your soul contract refers to your soul incarnating on Earth with a preset contract that it agrees to carry out so that you can come into full alignment with your soul’s expression.


Ep 5: Healing for Extraordinary Success and Growth

Are you ready to tap into your full potential and achieve extraordinary success in both your entrepreneurial journey and personal life?

Imagine a life where you break free from the limitations that trauma, collective programming, and generational conditioning have imposed upon you. Through the power of healing, you can unlock a world of boundless opportunities and growth. 

In this episode, we will explore how addressing these deep-rooted issues can ignite your desire for change, foster emotional connections, and ultimately inspire you to invest in an online healing program that will revolutionize your life.


Ep 4: The 7 Levels of Embodied Leadership

Are you ready to embrace embodied leadership? 

I have been working on the 7 levels of embodied leadership for a long time without really knowing it, and in this episode of Visionary New Earth Leaders, I’m diving into the 7 levels and what they mean. 

Join me as I share what exactly these 7 levels are, and what chakras are associated with them so that you can truly step into embodied leadership yourself!


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