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What Does New Earth Mean?

Episode Number: 1

Date: May 25, 2023

Welcome to the first episode of Visionary New Earth Leaders! I’m your host, Gennye Lion Rainbow Anderzon, and for this episode, I’m diving into what New Earth Leadership means and how this approach will change the world one person at a time. 

I’m sharing the five fundamental categories that symbolize the New Earth movement and the type of human behavior that we need to support in order to create change across the globe.

New Earth Leadership is transforming humanity into a new paradigm that actually supports it. There are so many sectors of our planet that could do with upgrades in consciousness, and I want to talk about entrepreneurship in particular so that you can step into your power as an entrepreneur to create your own reality as a New Earth Leader

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • The power that comes from realizing that we are the creators of our own reality
  • How to become a “force with source” and start getting out of your own way
  • What embodiment is and the role it plays in New Earth Leadership 
  • Why we must take radical responsibility in our inner world if we want to change the outer world
  • Why supporting each other is so important as lead together into the new world
  • The importance of surrendering into love
  • Where to start with infusing higher consciousness into your everyday tasks
  • The freedom and power we have within us as entrepreneurs to create our own realities

I hope you enjoyed this episode! I would love you to join this new era of leadership and this new world that we are entering into so that together we can create a world where all beings and all things thrive. 

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“As soon as we realize that we are creating our reality with our thoughts, emotions, and everything that we are, we then step into a new power.” 

“The actual collective ascension starts at the individual level, so you must lead yourself before you lead others.”