lightbody activations

Discover Lightbody Activations and Unlock Your Fullest Potential

Episode Number: 7

Date: Jul 6, 2023

Wondering how you can work with lightbody activations?

This is one of my favorite topics and in this episode of Visionary New Earth Leaders, we are diving into how you can discover lightbody activations and unlock your fullest potential. 

Lightbody activations refer to the process of activating and attuning the subtle energetic bodies that exist beyond our physical form. These energetic bodies are often referred to as the “Lightbody” or “energy body” and are interconnected with our physical body and consciousness.

The Lightbody is a higher vibrational aspect of our being, composed of pure light and energy. It transcends the limitations of time and space and is associated with higher states of awareness, expanded consciousness, and spiritual evolution.

If you focus on the entire process of Lightbody Activation, you will become the adept or spiritual master you desire to be.

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • What lightbody activations are and how amplify the gifts of the soul
  • What happens to your body during lightbody activations
  • How lightbody activations can thousandfold your intuitive abilities
  • The 12 phases of lightbody activations
  • What would happen if every soul on this planet had this work done
  • How these activations can help accelerate your business success
  • How it catalyzes the individual into unstoppable heights 
  • 7 levels of Embodied Leadership 
  • Core benefits for entrepreneurs and leaders 
  • How it helps core wounding to come up to the surface to heal 
  • The incredible confidence you get when you do this work
  • You energy alignment in business and managing your energy in business 
  • The decreased ego noise you will experience with these activations
  • Taking bold and aligned action
  • Receiving and manifesting more clients and money and wealth from a healed grounded and embodied place

I hope you enjoyed learning more about lightbody activations and how they can help you tap into your highest potential. 

This program is excellent if you are creating near 6 figures or are going into multiple 6 figures as you have already mastered a lot of strategy techniques, programme creation, community building, content and so forth. 

How do you know if you are ready?

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“Lightbody activations magnify all the beautiful things that we are here to experience and all the beautiful connections that we can have with the divine.” -Gennye