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Unleash Your Income and Potential with Shadow Work

Episode Number: 10

Date: Aug 17, 2023

How would you show up in the world if you truly loved yourself and you were completely unapologetic about who you are? 

Shadow work could be just the thing you need to reach your fullest potential- without the baggage. 

Our shadows hold a potent energy that can influence our thoughts, behaviors, relationships, and our physical well being. It can also impact our abundance and income. 

So, in this episode of Visionary New Earth Leaders, I’m diving deep into what shadow work really is and why it matters so much if you want to become the highest version of yourself. I’m also sharing what is truly possible in your life and business when you embrace the power of shadow work and how you can get started on your own shadow work journey.

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • What shadow work actually is and why it’s important if you want to be successful 
  • The self-love you will start to feel when you embark on a shadow work journey
  • The different ways to approach shadow work
  • The Six Light Body sessions I offer to my clients and what happens in each session
  • How the fear of failing can impact your success
  • What happens when you align with your passion
  • How shedding your shameful feelings towards yourself can transform your decisions and success

I hope you found this episode enlightening! It’s incredible the transformation you can get in your life, business, and income when you do the shadow work and start fully loving and embracing your true self. You show up differently in the world and that’s when the magic happens. 

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“By doing shadow work, it means that we start to love all parts of ourselves. And when we love all parts of ourselves, it means that we show up unapologetically.” -Gennye