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Discover the Power of the Womb with Asherah Miriam Rose

Episode Number: 26

Date: Mar 28, 2024

How can you start connecting with your womb for increased alignment in your life? 

In this Visionary New Earth Leaders episode, I sat down with Asherah Miriam Rose, who helps women connect with themselves, the earth, and nature through womb work. 

Asherah shares her insights into discharging, recharging, somatic work, and working with the intelligence of our cycles as women. 

Asherah Miriam Rose is a Visionary, Modern Mystic, Somatic Embodiment Mentor, Healer, Projector 6/2, and designer of an organic & ethical clothing line. Her work guides soul-led women to reclaim their inner queen by stepping into sacred sovereignty and softening their hearts to lead a holy life in fulfilment.

For almost a decade, she has been exploring the human & divine energy field, the latent power of the feminine & womb mysteries, and the nature of consciousness from a psycho-analytical and mystical perspective.

Her exploration led to working and facilitating various plant medicines from the world’s native tribes as integral to meditation and reawakening the inner feminine mysteries.

Asherah shares and imparts her magic through mentorship, online programs, retreats & ceremonies.

She dedicates her life to humanity’s evolution and the return to love inherent to our being.

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • The somatic work it takes to heal the blocked energies and emotions in our bodies
  • Working with the cycles of Earth and nature and our inner rhythms as women
  • The simple things we can do to start building a relationship with the Earth and nature
  • The power of discharging and recharging 
  • Addressing the root cause during somatic work 
  • The womb work that Asherah does with her clients 
  • The difference between the energies moving through men and women
  • How the womb plays into the lives of menopausal women
  • How to get started connecting with your womb  
  • How to align with true prosperity and tap into abundance

I hope you enjoyed this episode with Asherah! If you are interested in learning more from her and working with her, you can find more information on her website. You can follow her on Instagram here. 

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“We as women are oracles and channels for the energy of the earth.” -Asherah