Light Activator, Mentor and Purpose Visionary.

Leading you to create a successful and soul aligned life.

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Welcome to your gateway to releasing internal limitations and upgrading your human DNA.

Hi, I’m Gennye Lion, and I help evolving women to activate and embody their inner wealth, and make the legacy and vision they see in their heart and soul, reality, by removing their internal barriers which are stopping them from accomplishing their soul mission, so they can create a life filled with purpose-filled and financial success.

With over two decades of experience in energy management, healing and mentoring, my mission is to help you transform gracefully and effectively so you can have the life you love.

Working with Gennye has transformed my life in so many ways. Her clearings and activations opened me up to things that I didn’t even know existed and now I am more connected and on purpose than ever.

LUKE SCOTT | Creating Deeply Connected Conscious Leaders. TV Show Host, International Speaker & Spiritual Mentor

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