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Decode your name to navigate your life for successful outcomes

Soul Contract Reading is an accurate, in-depth, channeled system of spiritual interpretation that will empower you to realize your potential by decoding the secrets of the blueprint of your life hidden within your birth name. A chart based on the sounds of ancient Hebrew contained within your birth name describes the energies set in place by your Soul for this life that create your reality in each moment. This work is based on the Kabbalah and is also known as the Spiritual Numerology of Moses. It will help you to understand, manage, and overcome the current challenges in your life.

It reveals your challenges, talents and gifts, your goals and your dreams. And it reveals your life purpose, what you came here to do in this lifetime.

Every session ever since has been a powerful transformative experience for me at all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Afterwards, I always feel like I have become much more alive and conscious. She has a real gift to offer the world and I cannot recommend her highly enough to you.

NICOLAS DAVID NGAN | Spiritual Teacher & Author of Amazon No.1 Bestseller “Your Soul Contract Decoded” | UK

Ways to work with your Soul Contract 

There are 2 ways you can learn about your Soul Contract. We can work 1:1 in a live session or a program called Soul Contract Immersion, or you can buy an automated Soul Contract PDF Report. There is a choice of a Soul Contract Summary PDF Report and a Soul Contract Full PDF Report.

Working 1:1 with your Soul Contract

I offer an 'Unlock Your Purpose Session' session which is a 90-minute in-depth session based on this work, and we cover the questions that you have about your life and your spiritual mission. This session is compulsory before we can dive deeper into this work and use the Soul Contract as a navigation tool in other areas of your life such as relationships and business.

In the session, we will discover the following: 

  • Your life purpose this lifetime
  • Answers to all your burning questions about your life purpose
  • Your challenges, your talents and life goals
  • How you can use your spiritual gifts in business
  • Recommendations on how to move forward and break through your limiting barriers and beliefs
  • The best name to use for where you’re heading
  • Ways to optimize your name to optimize your life experience
  • And so much more!

Investment: £444

Soul Contract Immersion (3 X 90-minute sessions) 

Dive into the depth of your Soul Contract, your relationships, and your business. This mini-program with Gennye offers flexibility in terms of what you would like to focus on.

Here is what is included:

  • 3 X Soul Contract Readings of your choice and 24/7 Monday - Friday support from Gennye throughout our time together.

Option 1:

  • 1 X Personal Soul Contract Reading
  • 1 X Relationship Reading
  • 1 X Business Reading

Option 2:

  • 1 X Personal Soul Contract Reading
  • 2 X Relationship Reading

Option 3:

  • 1 X Personal Soul Contract Reading
  • 2 X Business Reading

Other options:

We can use one of the sessions for name optimization, baby naming, and business naming of websites, programs, and packages. The options are endless. We will tailor this immersion package to your exact needs! Feel free to reach out to Gennye and discuss this before purchasing.

Investment: £997

NOTE: When you book this package you will get access to the session booking links AFTER purchasing, where you can book your 3 sessions. 

Buying a Soul Contract PDF Report

I'm thrilled to introduce our new service which is a PDF  report-based Soul Contract Reading. This is a good way to get started for the curious before investing in a full 1:1 Soul Contract Reading.

A Summary Report provides highlights of your interpretations on a single page

A taster of your unique Soul Contract that includes:

  • Your Birth Chart
  • A taste of the absolute truth of your life
  • Highlights of your interpretations
  • The hidden meaning of your life they have been searching for
  • All included on a single summary page PDF report
  • Ideal if you are still trying to decide whether to book a 1:1 live reading.
  • Generated by a qualified practitioner
  • Emailed to you within 7 working days
  • Please note this service DOES NOT cover Current Names, Name Overlay Readings, Name Changes or Phonetic versions of non-English names

Download a FREE sample Summary Report

Investment: £16

A Full PDF Report provides your full in-depth interpretations of 75-140 pages

A full interpretation of your unique Soul Contract that includes:

  • Your Birth Chart
  • Your Summary Report
  • Your full in-depth interpretations and
  • Recommendations for overcoming your specific challenges
  • To empower you to master your life
  • With a 25-50 page in-depth Abbreviated PDF report
  • With a 75-140 page in-depth Complete PDF report
  • Generated by a qualified practitioner
  • Emailed to you within 7 working days
  • Please note this service DOES NOT cover Current Names, Name Overlay Readings, Name Changes, or Phonetic versions of non-English names

Download a FREE sample Full PDF Report (Abbreviated)

Download a FREE sample Full PDF Report (Complete)

Investment: £88

NOTE: If you have less than 10 Hebrew sounds in your name this will produce a “short” name with 3 aspects rather than the 7 aspects of a long name and consequently a smaller number of interpretation pages.

Advanced Soul Contract Services

The below services are only available once you have had a 1:1 Soul Contract reading by Gennye.

A Name Optimisation can be undertaken to help you achieve your maximum potential in life. The follow-on process is to have a Name Alignment session.

For parents, understanding your child’s Soul Contract can help you lead them in life. I can also help with choosing a name for your baby; read how we do this in the Baby Naming section.

For help with your family dynamics, you can find out more in the Family Coaching section.

If you are interested in a Relationship Reading, you can read more here.

For supporting and aligning your business, a Business Reading will help.

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