New Earth

You know it’s time to

Unlock the codes
of your Human
Success Blueprint

Upgrade your

Embody your
Highest Potential

Welcome to my exclusive, private mentorship that includes Lightbody Activations, Intuitive Business Coaching, Channelling and Multidimensional Energy Clearing Sessions.

You are the Divine Creator.
I am your Guide.

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In our time together we will:

  • Tap into your highest Divine Plan and create your next level application of your mission. That may be a new Soul Brand, a Program, Business Model, Healing Modality, or System that is going to support the New Earth's transformation through your brilliance and masterpiece.
  • OR Refine your current Soul Business, to match your next highest level as a New Earth Leader.
  • Formalise your next step in your Soul Business. Help you Quantum leap in your creativity, intuition, downloads, inspiration, focus and power.
  • Allowing you to expand into limitless, as a Sovereign human being, becoming an energetic match to your wildest dreams and desires.
  • Work specifically on your ability to energetically hold vast amounts of wealth, financially foremost, but also emotionally and spiritually.
  • Plus your own goals which I invite you to share with me so we can include them in this work together.
She has been instrumental in helping clear the blocks that have been holding me back from creating the life and soul-based business of my dreams. She has helped to guide me through leaving my old corporate identity behind and truly stepping into my Soul's Purpose. I cannot recommend Gennye Lion and The Connected Soul Club, Light Body Activations, and 1:1 coaching enough. Gennye Lion is your person!

MONIQUE PARRISH MARLOW | The Success Activation Leader | USA

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You know you haven’t hit your highest potential but it feels as though it’s within you and no matter what, you are going to get there.

I am so glad you are here. Get ready because we are about to turn it all around!

This deep inner work will:

  • Create new expanded pathways through your brain, gently, creating new ways of thinking and psychic openings.
  • Open your heart chakra fully to merge with all the other chakras to create your Merkabah (vehicle for Ascension).
  • Enhance your belief in your Divine Purpose further, reducing the influence of your Ego Self, and as a result of that action and focus becomes effortless.
  • Allow connection with, and integration of Higher Consciousness in your personality, energy bodies and physical body.
  • Helping your become the walking, talking version of your Soul's expression.
Gennye is an incredible mentor and a catalyst in my life. She is catalysing me to grow and expand exponentially both personally and in my business. She is a powerhouse of ideas and visions activating me to be the highest and the best version of myself. I would highly recommend working with Gennye to everyone looking for Soul aligned mentor, guide and healer.

GURLEEN KAUR AHGYAAH KOHLI | Women’s Empowerment Mentor | UK

Meet Gennye
New Earth Mentor, Channel and Master Healer

  • An experienced mentor, intuitive business coach, visionary leader, speaker, Light Activator and master healer.
  • Featured in Conscious Media and Podcasts and shows multiple times as a guest.
  •  A Mum, sister, daughter and wife.

I’ve devoted my life to become the finest instrument of healing and awakening to support individuals in their Ascension process.

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Your steps to New Earth Leadership starts from within:

I have learned that when it comes to becoming the mentor and leader, it can only be matched through the calibration that you hold from within. This frequency is a direct tool for creating the outcome that you want to see, not just within, but in your external world too.

I’ve spent a lifetime learning and exploring how to use my own frequency and facilitating the same for my clients, and that’s why I’m committed to activate New Earth Leaders in the same way I have embodied this work.

For a while you have been doing this:

  • Wanting to manifest what you see in your minds eye, but it is not materialising at the speed that you desire.
  • Invested in other types of energy work and business coaching, but you are still looking for THE one-stop solution to fully transform your dream into reality.
  • Exploring groups, Masterclasses, events, coaching and programs only to find that their 3D model does not align with the calling of your Heart


I know all this because this was me only 4 years ago. Since then I have created a simply magical business and become an influencer in my space. My work is effortless and fun. I reach and teach more people by the day. I’m working less and earning more. I’m eating better and sleep better. I feel content and harmonious. My relationships are close and loving.

Embody your New Earth Leader in an exclusive space
designed to unlock codes of your Human Success Blueprint


Here's what's included:

>> 6 Lightbody Sessions

These sessions are the foundation sessions in the Lightbody integration work. They make out 3 phases and they are:

Phase 1: Clearing Shadow Consciousness, Etheric Crystals, Devices and Thresholds.
Phase 2: Integrating the Higher Light and rebuilding your dormant Lightbody.
Phase 3: Activating level 1-12 of your Lightbody followed by a full Recalibration.

>> 6 Multidimensional Energy Clearing Sessions

These energy healing sessions are combined with deep Shamanic Journeying to discover and activate hidden parts of you in your subconscious, which will support your growth and alignment.

>> 12 Bi-weekly Attunements

You are reciving a total of 12 energy sessions / Lightbody session over the course of 6 months. These take place biweekly. In between the energy sessions we connect for a 15 min attunement session to make sure you keep on track and are integrating well.

>> Self-study Course: The Ascension Clearing Kit

11 hours of healings and energy clearing plus 5 Masterclasses on the topic of Ascension. Clear and heal your limitations, energy blocks and subconscious blocks – on cue! (Value £555)

>> Voxer support Monday - Friday in business hours

You have access to my guidance and expertise around the clock. Though a private coaching channel called Voxer you can message and voice message me throughout your program, for 100% full support throughout your transformation.

>> Additional Energy and Business Masterclasses on cue

I have created a ton of learning material inside my vault. I will give you tailed access to Masterclasses, Activations, Workbooks and processes that I get guided to share with you for your optimal transformation.

The Investment in you for 6 months:

£20,000 ($24,600USD) when paying in full. Payment plan available please ask for details. 

My work with Gennye was so on target and supportive. As I prepare myself to begin a new business, Gennye was able to give me sound practical advice based on where I am currently. She also is masterful and deep work that helped me remove blockages and challenges I have had for most of my life.

ALAYNAH ROSE GARIBAY | Conscious leadership catalyst | USA

She is a Women of all Women. She master it till perfection, tuning into the truth and has the ability to spot on the problem to work on it on that day, even with the first call with her. She helped me with clarity and reassured my potential which gave me a confidence in what I do and where I am going in my life. She is worth to invest 100%.

INESE ZUTE | Create The Body You Love | UK

To start your application, click the link below. You will be guided to book a 20 minute call with me. I look forward to speaking with you!