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The Evolutionary Power of Quantum Human Design with Natasha Black

Episode Number: 18

Date: Dec 7, 2023

Have you ever had a Human Design reading? 

In this episode of Visionary New Earth Leaders, I spoke with Natasha Black who specializes in Quantum Human Design readings. Natasha helps people come home to themselves by understanding their archetype and how it impacts their leadership. 

In 2008 Natasha went through an unexpected radical personal transformation and knew she had to quit her career in Sales & Management to share what she had learned with others. She started her business as a Law of Attraction Coach and Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner and helped to transform thousands of people’s lives all over the world.

Her continued personal transformation became her number one value, which led to her becoming certified in other healing and coaching modalities, always for her own growth first and then to bring to others.

In 2014 she was introduced to Human Design as a system to support her with the deeper alignment of her purpose and the growth of her business. She was blown away by the accuracy of what she learned about herself through her Human Design blueprint.

In later years she began to struggle with her physical energy until it got to the point where she lost all desire for her business and mission. She turned to her Human Design chart to see what was going on and discovered she had been carrying some heavy conditioning that was ready to be healed. She closed her business down, only worked with existing clients, and went deeper into her own healing and transformation.

It soon became obvious that she was to Certify as a Quantum Human Design™ Specialist and now uses this incredible system, along with her 15 years of experience in the Transformational Arts to support Purpose Driven Women to become the most impactful Leaders of their Mission and Purpose.

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • The difference between Human Design and Quantum Human Design
  • How Quantum Human Design can be integrated into leadership
  • What happens when we try to do things that are out of alignment with our own leadership
  • How our purpose and potential will unfold when we are in alignment
  • How our Human Design archetypes and inner authority types impact our leadership
  • How you should use Human Design as a system to understand yourself better

I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Natasha. If you would like to learn more about her, you can find her on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook. 

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“What human design does is it shows us that we as individuals are here to lead.” -Natasha