Site Credits

Site Credits Gennye Lion

Branding, Website Design and Art Direction: Nora Zimerman Studio

Thank you, Nora, for an exquisite and fun journey of brand alignment and website design. I loved every moment of this project, and I would recommend all business owners use Nora's Studio if you are looking for a refined, professional and in-depth process for creating your brand and website. She also brings the best team to collaborate in the project so that you feel supported and it all runs smoothly.

Photography: Cara Mia Petersen

Cara Mia is fantastic at capturing the moment and the energy of the prospect. I loved her enthusiasm, skill, eye for detail and professionalism. She is a very talented photographer, and I would recommend her to any small business owner who would like to translate their energy, heart and soul into an image, brand and website. Thank you, Nora, for bringing Cara Mia to the team.

Development: Mitchell Digital

Kane is a fast, helpful, professional and accommodating developer. You can be reassured that Kane will give an excellent finish to your site. He is very good with details and an expert in his field. Thank you, Nora, for bringing him to the team.

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