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Gennye Lion SCR

Maximises success in your business by ensuring that your current business energy is in alignment with your Soul's mission and your trading name(s)

A Soul Contract Business Reading will help you understand if your business is running at its highest potential, and if it is not, you will be given recommendations how to change this to maximise success in terms of alignment, impact and financial success.

This work will help you:

1. Understand and align to your primary life challenges, abilities, drives and life purpose

2. Refine your business goals so they are a true expression of your life purpose

3. Develop and express these qualities and goals in the outer world through your business by optimising the flow of spiritual energy from the birth name and the current/optimal name into the names of your:

  • business (legal, trading, holding
  • company)
  • products
  • services
  • website addresses
  • email addresses

Which will then transmit the optimal attracting energy to draw enthusiastic customers from the niche market you are addressing who are very eager to do business because they are:

  • Already aligned to what you have to offer as trust has already been built energetically
  • Building trust with a customer is priceless and it normally takes an average of three contacts with a business before they
    commit to buying something.
  • Because of the optimal attracting energy we have been using, most of our customers were ready to commit immediately to working with us on first contact.

4. Enhance interpersonal relationships within your business to make it run more smoothly and synergistically including:

  • Finding the right people for specific positions
  • Building jobs around a person’s strengths to maximise their potential, performance, contribution and sense of job satisfaction both individually and within teams
  • Developing optimal people management strategies specifically tailored for each individual and for entire teams
  • Minimising conflict in the first place and where it does occur achieving more efficient resolution
  • Improving client, supplier, business partner and associate relationships

To enquire about a Business Reading follow this link to discuss with Gennye.

Working with the Soul Contract as the navigation tool for your business goals and impact in the world, will speed up your journey to get to your goals quicker

Gennye is a master at helping you unblock things, whether in your business or relationships. She has a feast of resources and experience to draw on that can be applied to so many aspects of life. The clearing kit is really very powerful and was a complete pleasure to experience. Would not hesitate recommending Gennye for anyone looking to improve their energy in business and life.

EILISH JAMIESON | Executive Coach For Women | London UK

Ways to work with your Soul Contract 

I offer an 'Unlock Your Purpose and Soul Work' session which is a 90-minute in-depth session based on this work, and we cover the questions that you have about your life and your Soul work. This session is compulsory before we can dive deeper into this work and use the Soul Contract as a navigation tool in other areas of your life such as relationships and business.

In the session, we will discover the following: 

  • Your Soul Purpose this lifetime
  • What is the best name to use for where you’re heading
  • Ways to optimise your name to upgrade your life experience
  • Recommendations on how to move forward and break through your limiting barriers and beliefs
  • Answers to all your burning questions about your life purpose
  • What the future holds
  • And so much more!

Investment £444

A Name Optimisation can be undertaken to help you achieve your maximum potential in life. The follow-on process is to have a Name Alignment session.

For parents, understanding your child’s Soul Contract can help you lead them in life. I can also help with choosing a name for your baby; read how we do this in the Baby Naming section.

For help with your family dynamics, you can find out more in the Family Coaching section.

If you are interested in a Relationship Reading, you can read more here.

For supporting and aligning your business, a Business Reading will help.

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