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Thank you for the online course you provided, Uncover Your Soul’s Vision. It has opened up my mind to daily practices and helped me obtain a 97% pass in my hypnotherapy exam. I highly recommend completing this course and revisiting it anytime in the future. I can highly recommend Gennye and her knowledge and wisdom.

MAXINE STEVENS | Hypnotherapist & Angel Card Reader | | UK

When I found Gennye’s Ascension Clearing Kit programme and decided to do it, I wasn’t sure what I was letting myself in for. The programme is delivered with professionalism and insight. I pay attention to my thoughts and how I’m feeling and apply the clearing techniques to free and clear myself from whatever is keeping me trapped. I am seeing results. Mainly, I am a lot more happy and positive about myself. I love this process as it is cumulative; the more you do it, the more you will see change. Gennye has the gift to absolutely guide you to blossom in a beautiful way.


Lovely Gennye Lion Rainbow Anderzon, thank you. I had the most amazing visual experience today doing this clearing ... almost like I knew where I was going before you guided me!! My spirit animals came to me straight away and gave me exactly what I feel like I need right now, so I will hold those visions in my mind as I move forward in my work. Lovely lovely lovely ...

KIRSTY BENTLEY TAYLOR | This Happy Guru Life Coach | UK

Gennye really does help … to clear the mind and explain what’s happening and why! She’s helped me move forward and remain strong and helped me recognise my path.

KIRSTY MEAD | Weybridge | UK