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Gennye Lion Lightbody Activations
  • You've been on the journey of raising your vibration for a while now.

  • You get excited by the various ideas and techniques that help you raise your vibration – you embrace the various practices.

  • But some days you seem to be losing steam.

  • The self-questioning kicks in; you start wondering, sometimes doubting.

  • You know that you've been playing small.

  • And there's a part of you that's feeling frustrated and ready to change.

Because ...

  • You know you are here to do so much more.
  • Your ideas, desires and passion are not giving you peace of mind.
  • Deep down, you know it's time to drop the fears and excuses.
  • You know it's time to step up, unleash your true human nature and power, create more impact, and live the life you are meant to live.
  • Deep down you know it. This is your time. This is the time to finally shift it all.
  • It's time to feel energetically and emotionally free.
  • You know it's possible for you to exist in this world exactly as you are meant to be.

The complete Lightbody work consists of 6 sessions, and they are a part of my 1:1 private 6-month Mentorship Programme.

The human experience of feeling limited and separate from divinity is an illusion. Human souls are extensions of the divine. The purpose of incarnating on Earth and experiencing this limited reality is to expand God consciousness. Because of this, all the beings on planet Earth, together with the planet itself, are rising in frequency and consciousness. This process creates uncomfortable symptoms as our bodies absorb the Light and release the separation energies. It takes an enormous amount of energy to become unconscious and forget that we are God. This illusion is partially created by etheric structures, devices and programming in our energy fields. The Lightbody integration work removes these structures and integrates the Higher Light of our Spirit with grace and ease.

As a result of the sessions, Higher Light activates dormant parts of our DNA to eventually turn us into beings of Light.

  • New pathways are cut through our brains, creating new ways of thinking and psychic openings.
  • Our heart chakras open to merge with all the other chakras to create our Merkabah (vehicle for Ascension).
  • This allows connection with and integration of Higher Consciousness in our personalities and bodies.

The Lightbody Activation work is integrated with energy clearings, visualisation and meditation practices.

This all-inclusive energy upgrade programme is for you if:

You are tired of not being able to shift your energy to high vibrations on cue.

You are regularly finding yourself caught up in the mind / ego game.

You keep postponing sharing YOU with the world, because some parts of you still want to hide.

You feel that you and your passion have been the best-kept secret for long enough


You are ready to take your energy, light and game to the next level.

You are ready to get in the fast lane and start shifting your Consciousness to higher levels NOW.

Working with Gennye has transformed my life in so many ways. Her clearings and activations opened me up to things that I didn’t even know existed, and now I am more connected and on purpose than ever.

LUKE SCOTT | Creating Deeply Connected Conscious Leaders | TV Show Host, International Speaker & Spiritual Mentor | London UK

I initiated the beginning of my spiritual journey in 2015, with Gennye. It started with a Soul Contract Reading that allowed me to understand myself, my relationships and my daughter better. At work, it gave me the confidence to apply for a new role that I would have not considered due to low self-esteem and low levels of confidence. At home, the new understanding of my daughter’s sensitivity made a major difference in our everyday life. She feels more secure now than ever.

VALERIE WASCH | Human Resources Professional, Healer & Guide | UK

Introducing Lightbody Activations to Elevate your Energy and your Divine Human Template to Higher Levels of Truth and Consciousness

  • This programme is EVERYTHING.
  • It's your ticket to never doubting your magical powers again.
  • It's your key to Higher Consciousness; to establishing a permanent connection to your Higher Self.
  • You'll feel calmer and more grounded.
  • You'll find peace and tranquillity more easily.
  • You'll feel more focused and still.
  • It's your key to spontaneous healing.
  • You'll find healing, meditation and all spiritual practices become easier as the body no longer fights the Light.

Because ...

The time is NOW.

And you know it.

So stop making it hard.

Stop making it complicated.

Stop playing small.

And stop doubting and procrastinating.

Instead ...

CHOOSE to commit to your dreams.

Learn what works.

Start mastering it

While watching your energy, consciousness, downloads and impact grow.


If this is you and you are ready to upgrade your results, then apply for this work by clicking the link below!

YES! I'm all in, activate my Lightbody!

Through Gennye’s Devices Removal Session as a part of the Lightbody Activations, I connected deeply with my conscious energy body and felt a weight around my left hip / lower back area. I was blown away by the instant feeling in my left hip – as though I was growing or lengthening in some way. To be honest, I felt a bit freaked out – but in a good way. Thank you, Gennye, I can’t believe what I’ve experienced with the Lightbody, Soul Contract Reading and Divine Healing work we have done together. It has given me so much opportunity for growth and I’m so very grateful.

KIRSTY BENTLEY TAYLOR | This Happy Guru Life Coach | UK

I can say from first-hand experience that Gennye is an incredibly gifted channel and guide. Her unique combination of power, uncanny intuition and unconditional loving energy makes her a spiritual facilitator that I recommend to my closest friends with absolute confidence.


Everyone who feels her or his life is out of balance or their energies are blocked would benefit from the sessions I had. It starts a wonderful journey of healing and self-discovery.


YES! I'm all in, activate my Lightbody!

If this is you and you are ready to upgrade your results, then apply for this work by clicking the link above!