Light Up Your
Inner CEO

For Established Visionary Entrepreneurs Ready To Impact Millions and Create True Inner and Outer Success In Alignment With Their Soul's Calling and Purpose.

Are you ready to...?

Heal and Balance Your
Physical, Emotional, Mental and
Spiritual Self

Expand Your Consciousness
and Tap Into Deep
Levels of Intuition

Attract and Manifest
Endless Synchronicities
Opportunities and Effortless Flow

Welcome to "Light Up Your Inner CEO" Lightbody Activation Synergy Group

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I see YOU.

  • You will make a profound impact, embody and create wealth, and leave a lasting legacy.
  • With your grand vision and aligned actions, it's time to elevate every aspect of your life and business with sustainability and soulful alignment.
  • You understand the magnitude of your mission and purpose and are ready for your next level, embracing greater ease and flow.
  • You are yearning for deeper and more meaningful relationships.
  • You are good at making money, but you are seeking to create more effortless results by simply using your intention and energy.
  • You realize that your health is your wealth, so you are ready to heal deeply to sustain your performance level without burning out.

Does any of these seem familiar to you?


  • Your business results are inconsistent. There is, at times, financial pressure, which makes you overthink everything.
  • Overthinking and overanalyzing are energetically consuming, so it’s hard to stay present with family and loved ones.
  • You are second-guessing yourself. Your intuition is nudging you but not leading you, which leads to more overthinking.
  • Your energy is up and down. It’s difficult to keep momentum and expand your capacity without burning out.
  • You want to feel safe and secure in your business, but it does not feel like that for all the above reasons.

It's time to have the business, life and impact you envision without sacrifice.

She has been instrumental in helping clear the blocks that have been holding me back from creating the life and soul-based business of my dreams. She has helped to guide me through leaving my old corporate identity behind and truly stepping into my Soul's Purpose. I cannot recommend Gennye Lion and The Connected Soul Club, Light Body Activations, and 1:1 coaching enough. Gennye Lion is your person!

MONIQUE PARRISH MARLOW | The Success Activation Leader | USA

You know there's more to explore within yourself, and you firmly believe that you have untapped potential; you're determined to overcome any challenges on your path to unlocking it.

I'm thrilled to have you here, together we're about to bring out a profound and everlasting transformation.

  • This is a space for those who go beyond conventional thinking, diving into the realms of divine magic, collapsing timelines, and turning their grand dreams into reality, following the approach of activating the Lightbody.
  • You understand that your desires are integral to who you are, and you consciously choose how you feel.
  • You know that your feelings manifest your reality.
  • You recognize that everything you are meant to have already exists within your energetic field and are willing to do the inner work to align with it.
  • You believe that sacred wealth, radiant health, and abundance are natural extensions of your true divine expression.
  • Your mission is colossal, and your message is impactful.
  • You guide yourself through significant transformations, practising emotional intelligence, setting boundaries, and upholding high standards.
  • You excel in your chosen field, leading with integrity and freely investing in yourself, as you know you are your best investment.
  • You are taking full responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  • You are obsessed with establishing consistency, sustainability, and supportive structures to harmonize with your divine feminine flow.
  • You are unstoppable, transcending limits, harnessing your power, and radiating magnetic energy.
  • You are here to disrupt the existing paradigms and inspire others that life can be joyful when pursuing work that aligns with your passion and purpose.

Does this sound good? Then this is for you.

You are here to leave an imprint, a legacy that transcends time and space. Your work and impact have the power to shape a better world, raise the vibration of this planet we call home, and contribute to humanity's exciting evolution.

Meet Gennye
New Earth Mentor, Channel and Master Healer

  • An experienced mentor, intuitive business coach, visionary leader, speaker, channel and master healer.
  • Featured in Conscious Media and Podcasts and shows multiple times as a guest.
  •  A Mum, sister, daughter and wife.

I have dedicated my life to becoming the best possible healer and guide to help you in your journey towards spiritual enlightenment.

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Gennye is an incredible mentor and a catalyst in my life. She is catalysing me to grow and expand exponentially both personally and in my business. She is a powerhouse of ideas and visions activating me to be the highest and the best version of myself. I would highly recommend working with Gennye to everyone looking for Soul aligned mentor, guide and healer.

GURLEEN KAUR AHGYAAH KOHLI | Women’s Empowerment Mentor | UK

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New Earth Leader-2
New Earth Leader-1

Through this work, you will embody your next level to effectively steer your life and business towards successful outcomes.

In this journey together, we will:

  • Clear the energy blocks that stand in the way of your success so you feel FREE and EMPOWERED.
  • Create firm boundaries with others so you can give yourself what you need. Ie. SELF LOVE.
  • Turn down the inner chatter and connect with your Highest Self to embody SELF-TRUST.
  • Leave your old identity behind, stop pleasing others, and let go of 'Imposter Syndrome' and your 'People Pleaser' to help you hold your SELF-WORTH.
  • Get complete clarity on your vision, talents, and who you are when you step into being your best self (your clear identity, unique gifts, purpose, and mission) to install SELF-BELIEF.
  • Let go of the 'must', 'should', and 'ought' and step into a more relaxed FEMININE ENERGY.
  • Connect you with your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy to help you EMBODY your POWER.

Key results from completing this program:

  • Your intuition becomes second to none – you BECOME A POWERFUL CHANNEL and conduit of your work and mission.
  • Increased holding capacity – you ENERGETICALLY EXPAND TO HOLD MORE clients, more money, and an even grander vision.
  • Cleared core trauma – DISCOVER AND CLEAR YOUR CORE TRAUMA, blind spots, and hidden energy blocks that stop you from going from 6 to multiple 6 figures or from multiple 6 figures to 7 figures.
  • Receive your unique methodology – REFINE OR RENEW YOUR UNIQUE METHODOLOGY, which is the core foundation of your business.

All this means:

  • FREEDOM - You are no longer trapped in your mind and behind limiting beliefs.
  • ABUNDANCE - You are the energetic match to receiving more money, opportunities, and clients.
  • MOMENTUM - Being in flow and creating what you want with ease. Everything becomes effortless.
  • EXPANSION - You feel limitless and unstoppable; you easily acknowledge and clear blocks.
  • CONSISTENCY—Dips into fear and collapse will be replaced by trust and flow, knowing you are always provided for.
  • CREATIVITY AND JOY - Leave behind feelings of dread and work that don't align with your true self, and instead connect with the creator within you. Enjoy the process of building your success while embracing joy and fulfilment.

Together, we stand at the precipice of a new era, a quantum leap in human consciousness. Your presence here and commitment to healing and transformation are a testament to your courage and dedication. Embrace the profound impact you are meant to make, for the legacy you leave behind will echo through the ages, shaping the future of humanity and contributing to the co-creation of a new world.


Here's what's included:

>> 6 Lightbody Sessions

These sessions are the foundation sessions in the Lightbody integration work. They make out 3 phases, and they are:

Phase 1: Clearing Shadow Consciousness, Etheric Crystals, Devices and Thresholds.
Phase 2: Integrating the Higher Light and rebuilding your dormant Lightbody.
Phase 3: Activating level 1-12 of your Lightbody followed by a full Recalibration.

>> 6 Multidimensional Energy Clearing Sessions

These energy healing sessions are accompanied by profound Shamanic Journeying, allowing you to explore and activate hidden aspects within your subconscious. This process will facilitate your personal growth and alignment.

>> 12 Mastermind Sessions

We meet once a month over 12 months to activate your business blueprint to your highest timeline. These group sessions are dynamic and amplify your Soul Mission to bring you closer to the fullest business and Soul alignment that is available to you.

>> Self-study Course: The Ascension Clearing Kit

Benefit from 11 hours of healing and energy-clearing sessions and 5 Masterclasses focused on Ascension. Clear and heal your limitations, energy blocks, and subconscious barriers with precision and effectiveness. (Value £555)

>> Light Up Your Inner CEO Self Study Program

I have compiled a vast collection of learning materials within my vault. I will grant you access to Masterclasses, Activations, Workbooks, and processes I have created to aid in your awakening, healing, and embodiment as a New Earth Leader.

>> What's App support Monday - Friday in business hours

You have round-the-clock access to my guidance and expertise. Feel free to message me or voice me anytime during your program, ensuring you receive complete support throughout your transformation journey.

INVESTMENT: £5,555 ($6,772 USD)


Payment Plan £499 ($610 USD) X 12


By completing this program, the following outcomes will materialize:

  • Engaging in this process will generate fresh and expanded connections within your brain, leading to gentle transformations in your thinking patterns and opening up new avenues for psychic exploration.
  • As you open your heart chakra completely and allow it to merge harmoniously with all other chakras, you will create your Merkabah, which serves as a vehicle for your spiritual ascension.
  • By strengthening your belief in your higher purpose and diminishing the influence of your ego, you will effortlessly experience a state of flow and concentration in your actions.
  • Allow yourself to connect with and integrate higher consciousness into your personality, energy body, and physical body.
  • We are assisting you in embodying and expressing your Soul's true essence in your everyday life.
My work with Gennye was so on target and supportive. As I prepare myself to begin a new business, Gennye was able to give me sound practical advice based on where I am currently. She also is masterful and deep work that helped me remove blockages and challenges I have had for most of my life.

ALAYNAH ROSE GARIBAY | Conscious leadership catalyst | USA

She is a Women of all Women. She master it till perfection, tuning into the truth and has the ability to spot on the problem to work on it on that day, even with the first call with her. She helped me with clarity and reassured my potential which gave me a confidence in what I do and where I am going in my life. She is worth to invest 100%.

INESE ZUTE | Create The Body You Love | UK

Here is what you will experience over the 12 months:


The key to accessing your divinity lies not in the higher chakras but within your own body! Through this process, you will develop a profound connection with your body, learning to trust its wisdom, emotions, and the transformative journey itself.

You will:

1. Discover how to scan your body and interpret the signals it provides effectively.

2. Develop the ability to differentiate between fear and gut feelings.

3. Begin to consciously observe and listen to your body, allowing it to guide you in making wise choices regarding its care, such as diet and exercise.


Your subconscious holds immense power within it. Engaging in deep shadow work allows you to release patterns from the old paradigm, shed your previous identity, and forge a new identity aligned with your Soul's Purpose. Together, we will focus on integrating your shadows with your authentic self.

You will:

1. Learn how to love all of you, even the parts you previously were ashamed or felt guilty about. 

2. Increase your Self Worth by applying boundaries and being honest with yourself.

3. Access the Divine Feminine within you by connecting with Goddess energy.


As we expand our awareness to a higher level of consciousness, we will have the opportunity to see life from a new perspective. Your everyday experience will become more vibrant and fulfilling, allowing you to feel a sense of freedom, clarity, and confidence without any struggle. The outdated aspects of your life will naturally fade away.

You will:

1. Discover how to let go of the outdated beliefs and patterns influenced by a traditional male-dominated system, and instead embrace the empowering qualities of both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies.

2. Acquire non-violent communication skills, which will enhance your relationships personally and professionally.

3. Explore innovative and creative solutions to everything you aspire to achieve


As your understanding becomes clearer and you experience a sense of growth in your emotional and mental being, new opportunities arise for activating your human potential. This is when your awareness begins to be filled with the pure energy of the universal source.

You will:

1. Begin to tap into your innate creativity and innovation to support your vision and bring your dreams to life.

2. Experience a decreased impact from the opinions and emotions of others.

3. Your intuition becomes significantly heightened, expanding by a tremendous degree. You become a vessel capable of channelling information and energy effortlessly.


In this process, we will reestablish a strong connection with our Higher Self. What may have felt like a distant and unclear connection in the past will now become fully established and strengthened. Previously inaccessible aspects of our Soul will now find their place within your consciousness.

You will:

1. Experience a sense of complete self-trust and self-reliance, knowing and believing in your abilities without any doubts.

2. Develop a keen sense of intuition and guidance that enables you to make informed decisions about your direction in both business and life. Gain the ability to discern what actions to take, which individuals to connect with, and where to go to align with your desired path.

3. Discover a profound sense of fulfilment and contentment in life, experiencing a newfound inner stillness that surpasses any previous experience.


You establish a fresh connection to your dormant Light Language Receptor, which enables you to connect with your multidimensional self. This connection grants you easy access to the future, the past, your guides, the Akashic records, and even intergalactic consciousness. With this newfound power, you can create and manifest anything you desire.

You will:

1. Shift your focus towards your mission or purpose, and gain the skills to effectively balance your personal life while achieving successful business growth.

2. Recognize the equal importance of your family, health, leisure time, relationships, and business success. Understand that fulfilment and success are achieved when all these areas are nurtured and balanced harmoniously.

3. You will feel motivated to increase your income and wealth and experience success in terms of emotional well-being and financial stability.


Once the energy work is complete in months 1-6, we enter this phase of full embodiment. The energy work continues to purge beyond the 6 months, and during the next 6 months, we meet monthly for our Mastermind Session to continue the upgrades and integration with unparalleled support around you. 

This is for you if:

  • You are a living example of your work, an aligned action-taker, and a creator. Your energy and magnetism naturally draw people to you.
  • You embrace the discomfort with growth, for you are destined for incredible things in this lifetime.
  • You are willing to do the necessary shadow work to integrate all parts of yourself so you can rise to your full power.
  • Your focus is on solutions, knowing that you already have everything you need within you. Instead of complaining or playing the victim, you actively seek ways to move forward.
  • You lead yourself with emotional intelligence.
  • You are prepared to take the next leap in your business, knowing that the version of you who has already achieved success exists in the present.
  • Your income level has reached at least $5K monthly, and you are ready to elevate it even further. You are sure that you are meant for more and ready to rise.
  • Your desires encompass everything, and you are ready to make it happen. Build an incredible business, nurture fulfilling relationships, radiate with vitality, amass abundant wealth, and infuse your life with massive fun without sacrificing in other areas.

INVESTMENT: £5,555 ($6,772 USD)


Payment Plan £499 ($610 USD) X 12


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lightbody?

Lightbody activations involve the infusion of Light energy into the physical body, which triggers specific changes within certain cells. There are 12 levels of Lightbody activation. The initial activation, known as the first level (1) Lightbody, occurred collectively in 1988. Since then, many individuals have experienced at least the third level of Lightbody activation.

To fully activate all 12 levels of the Lightbody, various etheric blocks, such as crystals, devices, thresholds, and plates, must be removed. These blocks are addressed and cleared during Lightbody sessions 2, 3, and 4. In session 1, the focus is on aligning the body's consciousness with the Soul. In sessions 5 and 6, the complete Lightbody is rebuilt, and the appropriate levels of activation, up to level 12, are initiated.

Who is it for?

This program is designed for visionaries, leaders, CEOs, and changemakers seeking to unlock their full potential and make a more significant impact. It is not limited to business owners; anyone who wishes to explore their spiritual gifts, enhance intuition, and develop psychic abilities can participate. If you have previously engaged in energy work, you can still join the program, as the processes will delve deeper during the second round. If you fall into this category and are interested, please get in touch with Gennye Lion for further details on how this program can benefit you.

What's in it for me?

By participating in this program, you will have the opportunity to identify and overcome your significant obstacles. These include your core wounds from this lifetime, past traumas, confidence issues, fear, procrastination, financial obstacles, imposter syndrome, feelings of unworthiness, lack of clarity, and any other challenges you wish to address and clear.

If I am NOT a business owner, can this help me achieve more success?

Definitely! I cannot emphasize enough how this work has transformed my life into pure joy. It has also revolutionized my business, making it highly profitable, profoundly fulfilling, and spiritually enriching. No longer a constant hustle, it has become a meaningful and rewarding journey.

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes, you can pay over 12 months.

Why join now?

Let me share what I've learned. Change can only occur when you take action and make a genuine commitment. If you genuinely feel prepared to make the necessary changes and if everything else aligns with your intentions, then you are ready to join us now.

Is this for me?

Here's a helpful way to reflect on your decision. Place your hand on your heart and ask yourself, "What would my future successful and abundant self do?" If your future self responds with a resounding YES, it clearly indicates that you should proceed. Your future self has already achieved what you desire and knows the steps you need to take to reach that point.

However, if your mind begins to resist, with thoughts like "I'll join next time," "I need to do something else before committing," or "I shouldn't spend that much on myself," recognize that it's your conditioned mindset speaking, often referred to as the 'Good Girl Avatar'. This aspect wants to keep you playing small and will hinder your success.

In such moments, it's crucial to tune into your heart and consult your future self, who has achieved wealth and success. Ask this future version of yourself if joining this program is right for you. You are ready to embark on this journey if the response is a resounding YES.

To start your application, click the link below. You will be guided to book a 20-minute call with me. I look forward to speaking with you!