Gennye Lion Body Mind Soul Realignment

Mind, Body and Soul Realignment

  • Do you feel as if your body has a mind of its own?
  • Do you feel scattered, off balance and ungrounded?
  • Do you feel that you are being pulled in many different directions?

The Body Mind and Soul Realignment process is a foundation stone designed to release core separation programs from the human energy system in preparation for emotional healing work and Lightbody integration work.

In this process the client will build a connection with the Body’s Consciousness, which is made up of several devic or sentient beings who are called Keepers of the Human Legacy.  Their role is to keep you from rising in consciousness, holding you in maximum separation from your Soul. The keepers continuously create this tug of war in your life, giving you the sense of being pulled in all directions making you feel scattered, ungrounded and unbalanced. They are partly responsible for all the non-stop chatter in your head.

The process involves:

  • Establishing a communication channel with the Keepers/the Body’s Consciousness
  • Changing the Keepers’ orientation so that they align with the soul and absorb the Higher Light

What you may experience instantly:

  • Feeling more calm and grounded
  • Finding peace and tranquility more easily
  • Feeling more focused and still
  • Spontaneous healing
  • Healing, meditation and all spiritual practices become easier as the body no longer fights the Light.

Complete Soul Embodiment

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