Ze-Yod Spectrum Alignment

Gennye Lion Lightbody Activations

“Ze-Yod” means “This is God.” The purpose of this work is to allow our consciousness to recognise itself as divine. We go beyond the boundaries of form and access our multidimensional nature.

Benefits of Ze-Yod Spectrum Alignment:

  • Reconnects the physical body to the higher dimensions.
  • Activates the circuitry in the brain for whole thought reception and the ability to translate Light Languages
  • Activates your Divine Purpose
  • Aligns the chakras to resonate with the Adam Kadmon (Divine Form), allowing more of your Higher Self to embody
  • Allows the physical consciousness to access its essential design beyond the boundaries of form and recognise itself as divine.

Work to be completed before we start this session:

Body Mind and Soul Realignment
Complete Soul Embodiment
Divinity Accelerator
Separation Structures Removal
Divine Light Embodiment
Activate and Recalibrate

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