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Gennye Lion Channeled Clearing Session

Empower and free yourself

  • Would you like to free yourself from stress, fear, trauma, addiction, anxiety, relationship issues, heartbreak & physical ailments?

  • And remove limiting beliefs so you can free your life force for greater health, connection and well-being?

With help of Divine Healing and Lightbody Transmissions I can make your healing and awakening journey not only smooth and easy, but a pleasurable experience too. Through my clearing sessions a higher state of consciousness is reached which positively changes your life and help you experience more ease, flow, happy feelings, free from mental and emotional toxicity, and much more.

Are you experiencing the same emotional, physical and energetic issues repeatedly, unable to move forward?

To raise your vibration and free yourself from the past and conditioning, book your clearing session today.

Investment £160 (90 minutes)

Gennye was able to link my back problem with an emotional problem that was manifesting itself in my body, she is such a skilled and competent practitioner. After a few sessions of massage and healing, not only was my back problem gone, I also stopped smoking and professionally I found myself on a much clearer path than before. Overall, I just feel really positive and happy.

URSULA SEILER | Coach & Counselor | | UK

Thank you Gennye , you are a very special kind person . You picked me up and gently but securely put me back together. Your devotion to helping others is selfless. You're an angel that shines very bright.

EMMA TRAYLEN | Weybridge | UK

I offer single clearing sessions to peel away the layers of limitation in your life.

In the session we access and clear:

  • Your soul records and soul programmes
  • Inherited ancestral patterning
  • Unresolved past life issues
  • Hidden ego agendas, sabotages and conflicts
  • Blocked energy in the subtle bodies and chakras
  • Fear programs
  • Interference energies including entities
  • Physical, mental and emotional imbalances
  • Blocked energy in the organs and glands
  • Genetically encoded imprints
  • Judgements and negative beliefs
  • Shock and trauma

I also facilitate: 

  • Regeneration and rejuvenation of your cells
  • Enhancing of brain functions/integration
  • Stabilisation of hydration/dehydration in the body
  • Encoding of healing essences, colours and crystals
  • Balancing your body’s nutrition and biochemistry
  • Harmonising and alignment of your energy bodies and chakras
  • Balancing the five elements
  • Healing your eyesight

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