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Dove of the Shekinah Gennye Lion

Shekinah is the female aspect of the highest Source of Creation.

She is the Divine Mother, the original goddess, the female representative of Source Creation. Shekinah, the indwelling one, resides within all of you. Through her you will be able to embody the Christ Consciousness as she awakens the christened female for you to merge with the christened male. She is Mary Magdalene with Jesus representing both aspects of creation, finally together to bring peace and Ascension to all. It is Shekinah's female essence from Source Creation that has manifested in human form in many ways, through saints, avatars, bodhivisitas and deities in both male and female form.

Shekinah is the great awakener. If you open your Sacred Heart, she will come forth and show herself. As Shekinah awakens, her gentle yet dynamic force brings female frequencies to you and your planet.

The world needs this balancing frequency at this time, a time of great tribulations. Call upon her for comfort, for advice, for blessing, for healing, and for guidance. She will respond only in love and radiant Light.

If you would like to send distant healing, you can use this powerful symbol. Place the name of the person you would like to send healing to on a piece of paper. Ask if it is their highest will and good to receive balancing/healing. Then say:

“In …………. highest good, I ask that her/his chakras are opened and balanced, subtle bodies balanced and aligned with the physical body, Hara Line, Divine Core and magnetic gridlines of the Earth.”

You can leave the name on the symbol; often overnight is good. You can also add crystals around the symbol if you have some.

Dove of the Shekinah Gennye Lion

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