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Soul Resonance Gennye Lion

The process of using the Soul’s energy to raise the body’s frequency

This technique can be used specifically when separation patterns are coming to the fore and obstructing the line of communication with Spirit.


1. First of all, stay present when the feelings and programmes activate. Usually, when we feel unpleasant feelings we shut them down, push them away and numb out. This creates more tension in the body, like steam in a pressure cooker, and the next time the feelings come up (and they will), they will be stronger.

2. It is important not to judge the pictures / feelings / compulsions / thoughts that are coming up. Instead, stay in a neutral position, as if you are just observing them. Judging them as bad / negative or seeing them as things that need to be cleared and healed gives them more energy, and they grow. This is according to the law that says wherever you focus your energy, things will grow. It is a natural process.

3. So, we are feeling the feelings and just observing them. The next step is to breathe; keep breathing, through the mouth. This allows the energy to move. This is the key, because these programmes are like stuck energies in the fields. By breathing consciously, they start to move and free up.

4. What happens then is the miraculous paradox of Soul Resonance. After a short time of practising this attention / non-judgment breathing, you will find that the feelings start to disappear. The intensity lessens. You will feel a freeing in your fields, perhaps in your body, and in your psyche. You will feel a loosening emotionally and mentally. Believe it or not, these separation patterns have now been reabsorbed into the All-That-Is, leaving space for a higher expression of Spirit to come through the personality.

Helpful Hints

The most difficult part is Step One: to recognise the feeling / thought / programme and to stay present in it. This usually requires stopping all activity for a while. It is very difficult to feel the emotions that are coming up if you stay busy cleaning / eating / working / talking, etc. Take a break. It actually only takes a few minutes, and it gets easier with practice.

Every time you do this, the planet ascends in frequency. You are literally rolling back the third dimension as you do this. And you do it not only for yourself but for all others. We are all One. If one of us makes room for more unconditional love, then we all benefit from it.

With regards to Step 2, don’t try to analyse the feelings / sensations / thoughts that arise or trace them back to events that have occurred. Don’t try to categorise them as "related to that time I was hurt / betrayed / abandoned", etc. This is getting into the causality of things and creates an infinite loop. We are now operating under the Law of Grace which creates a new beginning in every Now moment. So there is no need to analyse where things come from. They just are!

The habit of analysing / defining / trying to understand also dissociates you from the feelings and gets you "into your head", i.e. your attention is no longer in the emotional body but in the mental body. This is another subtle form of escape / numbing out, which many people use and feel justified in doing so, saying that they need to understand mentally why those feelings are there.

The irony is that as the feelings / programmes release, the blocked energy will free up from all the bodies and move out of the fields. As it moves through the mental body, you will probably gain deep insight into the nature of those feelings spontaneously. This deep understanding / insight will be much deeper than any forced mental body structure / theory you could have derived yourself. It will be accompanied by a deep feeling of Truth.

Vibrational Medicines work in this fashion. They create a bridge of communication with the Soul to overcome the blockage. They do not clear the blockage. The resonance of the Soul coming through does that. All that these remedies, e.g. flower remedies, homeopathy, crystals, etc., do is create the optimal conditions for that to occur.

Requirements for this Technique:

  • Ability to be present
  • Ability to feel feelings
  • Ability to stay neutral and slightly detached, not become overwhelmed
  • Mental discipline of focus.

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