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Blue Sphere Technique Gennye Lion

Minimise the effects of people and situations draining you energetically.

This technique is for maintaining your energy integrity to minimise the effects of people and situations draining you energetically. It is recommended that you perform this upon waking and just before going to sleep for maximum effectiveness. It is especially useful for empathic people who process other people’s energies.

This is how it goes.

Hold your arms out horizontally to your sides. Close your eyes and visualise a sphere around yourself, the inside surface of which just touches your fingertips.

Say: “Archangel Michael, please infuse electric blue light into the surface of the sphere for one minute.” Visualise this light coming down vertically from above you. This teaches your energy fields not to take in energies that aren’t yours and is cumulative in its effect.

Now visualise roses of different colours (whatever feels right to you) manifesting on the entire surface of the electric blue light sphere and in your fields, out to at least 55 feet in diameter. Their purpose is to take the energy hit if someone / something tries to draw on your energies. Effectively, the roses are sacrificed rather than your energies.

Now visualise roses of the following colours appearing on the back and front of your chakras:

  • The Amethyst Violet Ray on the crown chakra
  • The Star Sapphire Indigo Ray on the brow chakra
  • The Sapphire Blue Ray on the throat chakra
  • The Emerald Green Ray on the heart chakra
  • The Topaz Yellow Ray on the solar plexus chakra
  • The Carnelian Ray on the navel chakra
  • The Ruby Red Ray on the base chakra.

These match your chakra colours and take the energy hit if someone tries to draw energy from a particular chakra.

If you feel that you are processing someone else’s energy, place a second electric blue light sphere around their energies in your fields, in the same position as the first sphere, and with thought-intention shift that sphere completely out of your own sphere. It may get a little stuck just before it finally leaves. You should then feel clearer. If you still feel that the other person’s energy has not completely left, repeat the procedure until you are clear.

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