Unlock Your Soul
Work Impacting Millions

3-month group mentorship for soul-led visionaries

This is the Golden Path to Energetic Mastery...


The time to bring that vision in your heart to life and create LIMITLESS EXPANSION in your business is right now!

Unlock Your Soul Work Impacting Millions is a 3-month group and private coaching immersion for soul-led visionaries, light leaders and uplifters who want to unlock and expand their soul mission so they can have the impact they came here to have.


No matter what stories you have been told, you are not those stories. I can feel how powerful you are...you just need to remember. I'm here to help you unlock on every level possible, beyond your wildest dreams. You came for a reason and you have come so far already, now is the time to step into mastery and deliver your masterpiece.


I see YOU gorgeous lady

You have a vision that you hold in your heart, for your life and your business. You are a warrior of light inside and out, you have MASSIVE goals for yourself and your family and want to make tons of money doing what you love most. You want FREEDOM and EASE. You have already made leaps and bounds in your personal growth but for some reason you don't seem to crack the magic code. You've invested a lot already in time, money, sweat and tears and you want it 'ALL'. deep down you know you are a fearless winner, this is why you have already have done stuff like this:

  • Left your high-paid job to pursue your calling to become an online coach, expert or healer

  • Already invested a lot to make your dream REALITY

  • Learnt a few elements of online marketing and social media but it's exhausting, you can't keep up

  • And now you are struggling to fully execute your mission and grow your soul-business because of negative self-talk

  • Overworking and BURNING OUT has happened or is about to happen 

  • Because it's been so many tears and 'failures' your confidence is knocked. Normally this doesn't happen to you at all, but this game is getting the better of you!

  • And now it feels like you need to speed up your knowledge on every single level, including your own energy, your mindset, your business and marketing skills + leadership skills. It's overwhelming. You feel like crying!

  • Hiding in the spiritual closet for too long and now you are ready to unleash your intuitive feminine powers

  • You want to plug into your ‘divine superpowers’ so you can navigate your business from the seat of your Soul. NOW.

I hear you and I see you! How do I know?

Because I was you.

It was exhausting and tiring. I was spinning the wheels with progress, but not as fast as I wanted it. Did I give up? NO.

Because to give up on my dreams and that fire in my belly, the passion and the vision that I felt and saw, was no option.

And it's the same for you. Only you know what you know. No one can touch, feel or KNOW. You KNOW that you came here to do great things, having incredible impact doing the work that you deeply believe in, and love.

There is no doubt that vision of yours can be frustrating at times.

But giving up on it?

It’s not an option. You simply can't bring yourself to letting it go and go back to your old ways.


And you may think there is a secret to success watching all the other women doing so incredibly well.

There is no secret.

There is no magic formula, magic pill, magic tactic. There’s nothing else that you need, that is outside of you, in order to live that vision.


Unlock Your Soul Work Impacting Millions is for soul-led visionaries who know that their business is not running at its fullest potential. You would like to learn the advanced techniques of manifestation and divine alignment with the internal programming to match, to get your mission out to the world.


You already know you've got to position yourself in the market place and be your authentic self within in a framework that will reflect your energy and your offerings correctly to magnetise your clients.

You already know you’ve got to create first class and scalable offerings – and now you just need to put your genius to work!

You already know you’ve got to sell in order to succeed. I call it SERVING from your heart – and now you just need to fall in love with selling, sell, sell and sell and get bloody good at it!

You already know you’ve got to invest in creating structures in your business that will scale it to multiple-six figures and beyond – and now you’ve got to develop resilience and persistence in order to keep going. Take the seat of a business owner and plug into your leader Queen!

You already know growing your business working 14-16 hours a day working like a trojan is NOT the option, because you have already overworked and burnt out. And you want freedom and time with your family feeling good - not walking around like the 'lights are on, but nobody is in'.

There is something I've got to tell you.

The key to unlock your Soul-work is...



I've never felt so happy in my life. I wake up in the morning and drop into my heart. I have never been happier; the grids and the routine in the morning have changed my life. I'm creating and I'm making my vision happen.

MILISSA CLAIRE | Divine Expression Academy | Photography and Branding | Mexico

Are you ready to claim all that you are meant to have and give yourself permission to have it now?

This mentorship group program runs throughout the year.

Complimentary coaching call

A little bit about me

My own journey to find energetic mastery started in 2010 after my daughter was born. I attended several goddess workshops, which helped me embrace my feminine and grow into more of a wholesome woman.

In 2014, I had an extremely difficult birth with my son, which left my body and my soul completely wounded. This intense experience forced me into apply a copious amount of self-care and love for myself. I had to slow down the masculine side of my personality, which always wanted to carry on, push, achieve, complete, focus, and so on. I had to surrender into the divine flow of the feminine.

In the time between 2014 and 2018 several things happened. My father and my grandmother died. We moved to a new house and my husband lost his business. I lost mine in a way because there was so much trauma going on.

Today I am well and happy in body, mind and soul.

Coming out of this intense stint of hardship inspired me to help other women business owners helping them freeing themselves from the past, and heal any issues that are standing in that way from moving forward now.

I teach a quiet and grounded focus on the legacy that you want to create, tapping into the true energy of the divine feminine, help you manifest in a graceful way, without being burnt out, overwhelmed or stressed.

I've never felt so happy in my life. I wake up in the morning and drop into my heart. I have never been happier; the grids and the routine in the morning have changed my life. I'm creating and I'm making my vision happen.

MILISSA CLAIRE | Divine Expression Academy | Photography and Branding | Mexico

Coaching with Gennye will leave you feeling lighter, empowered and more aligned with your true purpose. Her approach is gentle and nurturing as well as being no-nonsense; you immediately get to work on clearing the biggest blocks holding you back from living your best life.

RANJNI JANDA | Health Practitioner | Founder of holisticroom.com | UK

Gennye is a very professional and very experienced down-to-earth person. It feels like you have known her for years. It is so important to feel great and understood when dealing with your mindset, life and business. She is very good at what she does. Her workshop was the best I have ever been to! The deep Bio-Energy Healing gave me so much what I needed: relieving stress, eliminating fears, leaving all worries and doubts behind and concentrating on good energy. That lifted me entirely to do so much work that I couldn’t do for months. I recommend Gennye to any business owners! With her help, you will increase your credibility, consistency and income by all means!

EVA RALE | Photographer Personal Branding | www.yourbrandstory.co.uk | UK

After having my sessions with Gennye, my appreciation of life here in the UK changed. I changed my life around and started to feel that there was something for me to do here, having moved from abroad. Gennye helped me so much to start on my new career path and believe in my talents. I feel like a whole new person and my view of life is much more positive. Gennye can help you so much! All you need to do is believe that you can achieve what you want for your life and Gennye will guide you through this path of achieving your dreams.


What do you want to create in the next 3 months?

Here are some of the results that clients have experienced from only been working a few weeks together:

  • Greater ability to manifest vision / dream instantly
  • Feeling more empowered and freer than ever
  • Instant relationship improvement with partner, spouse, children, family members and friends

  • Rapid healing from life long issues / trauma / conditioning
  • Finding spiritual growth and meditation much easier than before, less resistance from ego
  • Feelings of being more grounded and still in your body
  • A feeling of expansion in consciousness
  • More focus, self-confidence, and centeredness
  • Connected to your purpose and committed to pursue it
  • Deeper communication with Spirit, easier to ‘download’ and connect with Higher Self / Soul
  • Alleviation of physical pain, spontaneous physical, emotional, and mental healing
Gennye Lion The Sovereign Path

What you get when you decide to work with me in the Golden Path Program:

  • Full clarity on your vision, your talents and who you are when you step into being your best self (your clear identity, your special gifts, your purpose, your mission), so that you know exactly what your why is, your path and the legacy you want to create.
  • Healing the identity disparity (who you are vs who you were educated to be) that is keeping you play small. So that you give yourself permission to receive what you want, and start to think & feel big, and go even bigger.
  • Getting full clarity on your road map to achieving your goals, so that you can immediately start taking action and building momentum for the change and the rest of your journey.
  • Breaking through your biggest fears bubbling up, self-doubts, and anxieties, so you free yourself from the inner blocks that hold you from creating the life and business you deserve.
  • Clearing the old dis-empowerment stories, lifelong conditioning and limiting beliefs (past life limitations too), that have been making you block the success in your life (most of these programs work at a deep subconscious level, driving all your current reality experience).
  • Unlocking your master manifester potential with simple, but little-known  techniques. So that you step into full alignment with your desire and use the Law of Attraction in the correct way, that works for you, not against you!
  • Discover and master the tools to clear the biggest block(s) to living an abundant life - abandonment, dis-empowerment, unworthiness & mistrust of the flow.
  • Learn what to do when negative thoughts creep in so you can stop the vicious cycle of self-doubt and instead feel amazing every day, waking up with certainty, no matter what
  • Master how to stay inspired and keep a spiritual routine going so you maintain a deep consistent connection to Spirit daily.
  • Start practicing your own 'magic morning', so you can wake up with energy, optimism and an 'embrace the world' attitude, so you show up from your heart space confidently day after day.

What’s included:

  • Weekly 90 minute group sessions
  • Ongoing email and What's App group support throughout the program

  • Done-with-you Membership 6 module course

  • BONUS 1 – Unlimited supporting materials and guided meditations by Gennye Lion

  • BONUS 2 – Access to all my healing tools and handouts, self help processes and healing symbols
  • BONUS 3 - Lifelong access to 11 powerful energy clearings to enhance intuition, clear trauma and imprints from the past and increase focus and productivity.

By the end of this program you will…

  • free yourself from all your major blocks and negative programs, so that you can freely manifest the life you want
  • free yourself from your biggest fears (we´ll identify them and dismiss their power over you), and self-sabotaging behaviors that are currently keeping you stuck
  • have a strong success mindset, that will turn you into a powerful master manifester
  • give yourself permission to be the best version on YOU – feeling comfortable with this growing regardless of your friends, partner or family beliefs
  • learn how to love and receive abundance
  • feel more FREE and POWERFUL

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Complimentary coaching call

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