1-Month Immersion • Discover • Embrace • Navigate •

Gennye Lion 3 Powerful Sessions

Return to yourself

  • Are you looking to find your deepest purpose?

  • Is your spiritual path important to you, but you're not sure how to integrate it easily in your everyday life?

  • Do you feel tired of not having the energy hygiene and mindset tools to keep your energy balanced, stress-free and coherent throughout the day?

  • Are you ready to kick-start your self-realisation journey so you can get on with your life! 

I hear you! I was there myself for a long time before I discovered my purpose and the tools that I'm using daily to keep my energy in high vibration, balanced and grounded. We work very closely for 1 month to help you elevate rapidly into your next level.

During this 1-month immersion deep dive, you’ll discover:

  • Your purpose and mission in this lifetime
  • Your biggest block(s) to living an abundant life, for example abandonment, disempowerment, unworthiness and mistrust of the flow
  • Exactly how to remove those blocks so you stop the cycle of repeating negative patterns and behaviours 
  • What to do when negative thoughts creep in so you can stop the vicious cycle of self-doubt and instead feel amazing every day, waking up with certainty, no matter what
  • How to keep a good daily spiritual routine going so you maintain a deep and consistent connection to yourself 
  • How to create your own 'magic morning', so you can wake up with energy, optimism and an ‘embrace-the-world’ attitude, and show up from your heart space confidently day after day.

You will receive:

  • 4 private 90-minute sessions

  • Email and Voxer support between sessions

  • Powerful healing of deep-rooted subconscious worthiness, power and abundance blocks

  • The recordings of the sessions so that you can revisit them, and go a layer deeper each time

  • Lifelong access to Gennye Lion's membership portal, which has an overflow of lessons, energy clearings and processes to help you shift your energy to higher vibrations.

  • Access to these courses: The Ascension Clearing Kit, Uncover Your Soul's Vision, Begin Your Queendom Path

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See what breakthroughs others have achieved …

After having my sessions with Gennye, my appreciation of life here in the UK changed. I changed my life around and started to feel that there was something for me to do here, having moved from abroad. Gennye helped me so much to start on my new career path and believe in my talents. I feel like a whole new person and my view of life is much more positive. Gennye can help you so much! All you need to do is believe that you can achieve what you want for your life and Gennye will guide you through this path of achieving your dreams.


I initiated the beginning of my spiritual journey in 2015, with Gennye. It started with a Soul Contract Reading that allowed me to understand myself, my relationships and my daughter better. At work, it gave me the confidence to apply for a new role that I would have not considered due to low self-esteem and low levels of confidence. At home, the new understanding of my daughter’s sensitivity made a major difference in our everyday life. She feels more secure now than ever.

VALERIE WASCH | Human Resources Professional, Healer & Guide | UK

What you can expect from the sessions:

  • Clarity on your purpose and direction
  • Feeling empowered and inspired to take action, and make your dream a reality
  • Being energised and positive about your future
  • Feeling blissful and relaxed
  • Being grounded and motivated 
  • Feeling loved, supported and heard
  • Feeling ready to step forward in your life with confidence, ease and excitement.

Imagine ...

  • Knowing your deepest purpose and living it, fearless and confident 
  • Feeling deeply guided by your intuition, so that you can make wise choices in life
  • Having multiple mindset and energy management tools to support you throughout the day so that you can stay focused on your vision and make it reality.


Apply for this 1-month immersion deep dive and start your journey today