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Through Gennye’s devices removal session as a part of the Lightbody Activations I connected deeply with my conscious energy body and felt a weight around my left hip/lower back area. I was blown away by the instant feeling in my left hip – as though I was growing or lengthening in some way. To be honest, I felt a bit freaked out – but in a good way. Thank you Gennye, I can’t believe what I’ve experienced with the Lightbody, Soul Contract reading and Divine Healing work we have done together. It has given me so much opportunity for growth and I’m so very grateful.

KIRSTY BENTLEY TAYLOR | This Happy Guru Life Coach | UK

I've had coaching with Gennye and her energy is amazing! She is able to help you connect with your intuition and really connect with your heart and tease out what you need at the moment. She is very empowering and knows her stuff. She can quickly tune in to your energy and see what would be most beneficial for you at that time. She is a true expression of the divine feminine and being in her energy raises yours! I highly recommend Gennye!


I can say from first hand experience that Gennye is an incredibly gifted channel and guide. Her unique combination of power, uncanny intuition and unconditional loving energy... makes her a spiritual facilitator that I recommend to my closest friends with absolute confidence.

SEBASTIAN MYCHEL CRUZ | Helping Leaders Decode Their Genius So They Can Achieve More, While Doing Less |

The Lightbody Activations has been, and still is playing a major part in my Ascension process. I am increasingly connected to my inner self, my intuition has never been more accurate, my sensitivity to my spiritual guides is very present in my everyday life, and I cannot wait to complete the mentorship program to feel the full benefits of this healing and mentoring modality. Thank you Gennye for being a part of my life.

VALERIE WASCH | Human Resources Professional | Healer & Guide | UK

I’ve known Gennye since 2008 and she has helped me survive a very traumatic episode in my life by helping me to understand my true path. I was able with her guidance to unlock and resolve deep rooted issues and therefore move forward feeling enlightened and free. Her insight and understanding of the human psyche is compelling.

JULIE WELCH | Weybridge | UK

Thank you Gennye , you are a very special kind person . You picked me up and gently but securely put me back together. Your devotion to helping others is selfless. You're an angel that shines very bright.

EMMA TRAYLEN | Weybridge | UK

Hi Gennye,

Just an email to say MERRY CHRISTMAS I hope you have a lovely break. Thank you for everything you’ve done to help me this past 18 months I feel I’ve grown so much as a person and my spirit is strong - this is due to the amazing sessions I’ve had with you. I look forward to a few more in the new year , I hope 2019 treats you kindly!

ELLIE HIGGS | Weybridge | UK

Gennye really does help…To clear the mind and explain what’s happening and why! She’s helped me move forward and remain strong and helped me recognize my path

KIRSTY MEAD | Weybridge | UK

Thank you so much Gennye for the Earth Healing and Space Clearing. The shift in energy in my home was very distinct and has been extremely positive. I have noticed that a long-standing negative thought pattern I had has cleared – and I’ve also suddenly become much more abundant..!

SHARON KEENAN | Healer “The Energy Recovery Program” | UK

I had a healing session with Gennye Lion recently and she is amazing. She really is good at what she does and very caring as well. She is also an amazing coach.
I definitely recommend her to everyone.


Thank you for the online course you provided, Uncover Your Soul’s Vision. It has opened up my mind to daily practices and helped me obtain 97% pass in my Hypnotherapy exam. I highly recommended to complete this course and to revisit it anytime in the future. I can highly recommend Gennye and her knowledge and wisdom.

MAXINE STEVENS | Hypnotherapist & Angel Card Reader | UK

Gennye has undertaken distance healing and ‘house clearing’ for me. When I walked through my door afterwards I could literally feel the difference, a lack of the heaviness and I felt a new clarity to the space within my home.
I would recommend Gennye to anyone who needed help with anything troubling them from feeling despondent about life to wanting to heal a particular issue.

JENNIFER MUIR | Podiatrist & Yoga Teacher | UK

It is a huge relief not to be somatically hijacked when I am in a potentially activating situation, and am much more able to speak to myself gently and with kindness and move through any feelings of abandonment or rejection quickly and relatively painlessly. I recommend Gennye for healing and massage.

K.B | Surbiton | UK

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