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Expand your consciousness

Deepen your mind, body, and spirit connection, and explore transformation through consciousness expansion with the luminaries interviews on The Ascension Live Show.

Attracting Wealth and Abundance with the Mother Mantra

Originating in the sacred practice of ancient shamanic yoga, the tradition of The Mother Mantra: The Ancient Shamanic Yoga of Non-Duality by Selene Calloni Williams (Inner Traditions, January 8, 2019), allows us to perceive the full complexity of reality and consciousness. Hidden at the heart of nearly all spiritual traditions, and taught for decades in the Swiss Alps, lies the powerful teachings of The Mother Mantra. Williams presents a guide to the healing practices, spiritual exercises, and secret rites of this tradition, showing how it allows us to overcome subconscious programming, release fears, and spiritually fuse with the Divine.

The History of Ascension

Our planet is going through a monumental shift in consciousness and this shift has been building in momentum for some decades. We are in an accelerated period of ascension at this time. Interview with Nicolas David Ngan, author of Amazon no 1 best seller "Your Soul Contract Decoded".

How Ascension will move you out of Fear to Love

Many on the planet are moving from a 3D density to a 5D density. A simpler way of putting it is this planet is going from fear to love, from separation to unity consciousness. Interview with Nicolas David Ngan, author of Amazon no 1 best seller "Your Soul Contract Decoded".

How Ascension will help you Create an Abundant Life

Affirmations are a great way to reprogram your unconscious mind and shift your experience of reality into a higher more abundant state. True abundance comes as we clear deeper layers of the ego separation programming. Interview with Nicolas David Ngan, author of Amazon no 1 best seller "Your Soul Contract Decoded".

How Ascension will Empower you to Live your Purpose

The principle that helps us shift from 3D through 4D to 5D is to embody more of our sovereignty and soul power. As a result of this we feel called to 'live our purpose'. Interview with Nicolas David Ngan, author of Amazon no 1 best seller "Your Soul Contract Decoded".

The New Earth and a Future in Light

Gennye Lion The Ascension Live Show

We are living in remarkable times. Earth is increasing in VIBRATION and massive amounts of PLASMA frequencies our bombarding our planet due to our current position and trajectory in the milky way galaxy. Interview with Christof Melchizedek, New Earth Architect and Mentor.

From Atheist to Spiritual Explorer through a Near Death Experience

"Our true nature is infinite love, compassion, and consciousness. My near-death experience (NDE) taught me how to bring these qualities into my life here on Earth. You too can learn how to transform your life using heaven's wisdom." Interview with Nancy Rynes, Keynote Speaker, Author, Spiritual Teacher & Artist

The Role of Starseeds and the Ascension Process

Who/what are Starseeds? Why are you here? What is your role in shifting our 3D Timeline-Matrix into something very different? This is an inspiring account of the journey and what to expect. You are here to help transform the world. Interview with Steve Nobel, The Soul Matrix.

The Voice of Change

Throughout evolution mankind has developed the potential of voiced sound, from home entertainment – singing, reading aloud and storytelling, to sacred chant, and the use of voice for healing. But, the mechanistic reductionist trends of the last three centuries have robbed many of us of the power of our voice. In this interview we discover how we can connect to our Soul through our Voice. Interview with Stewart Pearce, The Alchemy of Voice

Working with the Heart Transcending the Illusion

We can become better decision-makers by removing the deeply embedded programming that block inner connection and flow. Outer success arises from the optimal performance of the internal structures for decision-making. This means aligning and integrating the thinking, heart, body, intuitive and energetic minds. Interview with Harun Rabbani, International Speaker, Author & Energy Coach

Money, Flow & Unlimited Abundance

What if there was a faster, easier, simpler way to create EVERYTHING that you see in your heart? A way that allows you to let go of the need to analyze all the blocks, heal all the wounds and feel good enough before you finally give yourself permission to receive what you want? Interview with Cristina Bold, Money Mindset Mentor

How to Reverse Procrastination and Raise your Vibration

Procrastination isn’t just a human problem. Newton’s First Law of Motion says that a body at rest will stay at rest until compelled to do otherwise. Dare we say it? The entire universe procrastinates. How do we raise our vibration through reversing procrastination? Interview with Milena Grozdanic, Procrastination Coach